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About Carol

Carol Ho was born in Hong Kong but emigrated to Canada with her family in 1991. She received her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary, Canada, in 1998 and she earned her MA from the Royal College of Art in England in 2001. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and UK. Carol now lives and works in Hong Kong and UK.

Through her works Carol attempts to explore the new possibility in figurative painting. Unlike most figurative works, which depicts bodies as a whole through observation with subjective expression, she intends to push thing further by re-constructing objectified bodies into a multiplicity of random pieces. The female figures in her works are shown either as distorted shape or in liquid state with translucent colors, they usually are surrounded with different clothes with complicated patterns in various backgrounds.  Instead of exaggerating or emphasising significant psychical characteristics of the bodies, she integrates them with clothes, signs or pattern as a unified fusion object – the bodies do not serve as material support of the clothes, they are engulfing and at the same time canceling each other out.  The images in her paintings also intend to suggest the modern psyches of our time that after the ultimate self-objectification, self-identity is merely an extension of objects we inhabit or surround ourselves with. 

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